A Word From Our Satisfied Customers


“The public is loving this service and each week the usage has gone up”

“RuralConnect is working flawlessly at the Delta County Library District in Paonia, CO. We’ve not had to do any maintenance or other work and you can manage the whole thing from any place that has an Internet connection. The public is loving this service and each week the usage has gone up.”

John Gavan, IT Manager, Delta County Libraries

“Carlson has been one of the staunchest advocates for rural broadband development”

“Many parts of the country and world lack high-speed broadband access due to the limitations of traditional wireless network technology. Carlson has been one of the staunchest advocates for rural broadband development, and we are proud to partner with them as they pave the way in delivering solutions to this under-served market.”

Rod Dir, CEO, Spectrum Bridge

“RuralConnect is our radio of choice for challenging rural deployments.”

“Carlson’s RuralConnect is our radio of choice for challenging rural deployments. By successfully penetrating dense forests and skirting terrain obstructions where no other wireless technology is adequate, RuralConnect allows us to dramatically increase the success rate of our customer installations.”

Ken Garnett, CTO, Cal.net

icons-06 Trailblazer©

“Fantastic product” performing “flawlessly” in harsh conditions”

“I found myself in need of a solution that had escaped me until I discovered your web site, and eventually your fantastic product.”

“The system is located on an offshore oil platform in Alaska, and has far surpassed our expectations of ease of installation, performance and durability. Considering the harsh conditions offshore, the system has been performing flawlessly, and the crew has had nothing but praise for the quality of voice and data communication.”

“We need more customer-oriented companies like yours today to lead the technological revolution of tomorrow.”

A NYSE-listed oil & gas exploration company

“Saved us from the nightmare and expense of negotiating rights of way”

“The system was simple to install. It went in without a hitch. The Trailblazer saved us from the nightmare and expense of negotiating rights of way, and it doesn’t even need a license!”

Western USA rural telephone company

“Price is a pittance in light of its benefits”

“The Trailblazer is likely the missing piece for many of the projects we are currently working on. The price is a pittance in light of its benefits.”

Major radio systems distributor

Improved our connection capacity “immeasurably”

“I have nothing but good things to say about the unit and the helpful people at Carlson. Our home and business are on forty acres in mountain country and our new two-line Trailblazer system has improved our phone, fax, and Internet capacity immeasurably.”

“The unit is well designed and will clearly handle winter weather. I had no difficulty installing the system and, when I did have a question, I was able to get help immediately.”

Rural home business owner

Amazing “clear and static free” audio

“We continue to be amazed as to how clear and static free the audio is. They came up as expected the first time we tried them and have worked ever since.”

Communications Specialist for remote resort properties

Internet “as fast as from the landline”

“I tested Internet access from my laptop. Nice and clean and as fast as from the land line.”

Rural telephone company in Texas

Works “perfectly”

“Everything worked perfectly.”

Diversified international engineering firm

icons-07 LongHaul™

“Three times the performance” of competitor radios in daisy-chain network”

“In a daisy-chain scenario, each link needs to be extremely fast and the delay extremely short. When Carlson Wireless told me what the LongHaul ST could do, well, it looked too good to be true. So I decided to test it myself, both at my own office and in the field in as stringent an environment as I could engineer.”

“The results were exciting. The LongHaul ST performed exactly as they said it would. It had three times the performance in test conditions compared with three competing companies.”

“I’m impressed that Carlson Wireless is able to control every aspect of the product.”

Jake Smith, Cactus Computing, traffic systems engineering firm

“Very easy” installation

“It was very plug-and-play, very easy to put in. I just pointed the radio antennas in the general direction and didn’t have to adjust anything.”

Willy McKenna, Yukon Energy