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Consulting Partners

  • Indigo Broadband SA Pty (Ltd) is a broadband technology solutions provider and an active pioneer of TV White Space technology in Sub Saharan Africa. We apply appropriate Wireless technology to suit specific customer requirements.

1. Google

  • In 2013 Carlson Wireless partnered with Google™ for a series of highly successful trials to connect schools in Cape Town, South Africa, with TV White Space broadband. These trials have played a pivotal role in demonstrating to both regulators and potential users the ability of TVWS technology to provide high-speed data across rugged terrain. We are currently working towards certifying RuralConnect with Google’s™ White Space Database. Stay tuned for more info.

4. Gigabit Libraries

  • The Gigabit Libraries Network is an organization dedicated to connecting educational centers and communities worldwide “leveraging license-free wireless technologies to quickly buildout [broadband] infrastructures for billions of underserved and yet to be served people”. Carlson Wireless has partnered with the Gigabit Libraries Network on a number of White Space Pilots, most notably including UNH Broadband Center of Excellence and Delta County Libraries.

2. Spectrum Bridge

  • “Spectrum Bridge, Inc. (SBI) develops technology and intellectual property that virtualizes spectrum by giving wireless devices access to available bandwidth more efficiently.” Carlson Wireless is proud to partner with Spectrum Bridge, a leader in fostering TV White Space technologies, in using their White Space database as a solution for network operators to manage their spectrum capabilities.

3. iconectiv

  • Carlson Wireless has been working with iconectiv™ (formerly Telcordia) since the beginning of our TV White Space journey. Not only have they provided RuralConnect with some of its first database support, but they’ve also partnered with us at numerous tradeshows. We are currently in the process of getting the iconectiv™ white space database FCC-certified for use with the RuralConnect. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.


  • European TV White Space geolocation database provider. Carlson partnered with Fairspectrum for couple separate trials in the Ofcom TV White Space Pilots.