RMA Request

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy and Procedure

Before submitting your RMA request, please review the following policy and procedure. To avoid delays in processing your request, please follow these guidelines carefully.

Prior to obtaining an RMA number, customers must submit a completed RMA Request Form (PDF). Failure to complete the form as required will likely delay the processing of your RMA request.

Our repair services are available for equipment purchased directly from Carlson Wireless Technologies. If you purchased your equipment from a Carlson Authorized Reseller, we recommend contacting your dealer for service.

To receive an RMA, you must include your credit card information and an authorized signature on the RMA Request Form.

Prior to receiving any charges, you will receive a Service Quote. Upon payment approval, Carlson will repair the damaged items and return them via UPS Ground, or another shipping method you have chosen. You are responsible for any applicable shipping/handling charges.

If the repaired equipment is under warranty, you will not receive any charges for the repair. Warranty service includes return shipping via UPS Ground. You may pay additional shipping/handling charges for expedited shipping.

If service charges do apply, you will receive a repair quote and payment instructions. Carlson charges $150 per hour for labor, with a one-hour minimum. Expedited service (24-hour repair guarantee) is available for $300 per hour. We will obtain an approved estimate for any additional parts and labor. Carlson will make no charges without prior authorization.

Please can submit the completed form via email. Our typical response time is 1-2 business days. A Carlson technician will contact you prior to approving an item for return. The technician will attempt to correct the problem over the phone. If the technician confirms the need for a return, he/she will approve your RMA request and give you an RMA number for labeling your package and tracking your repair. Please note: Carlson will refuse any returns received without an RMA number.

Shipping Instructions

Note: Carlson is not responsible for damage caused by shipping.

Send entire system: To ensure you receive the best service when returning equipment, please send the entire system. This includes the base/master unit, CPE/remote unit and repeaters, if any.

Avoid static damage: Stay grounded, using a grounded ESD wrist strap, when handling static-sensitive board assemblies. Use static-sensitive packaging material.



Label with RMA Number: Clearly write the RMA number on the outside of the shipping container. If shipping from outside the United States, please mark with RMA number and ship prepaid, door-to-door.

Ship to:

Carlson Wireless Technologies, Inc.
Service Department
3134 Jacobs Ave. Suite C
Eureka, CA 95501


Click here to download our RMA Request Form. You must have a PDF viewer to use this form. Follow the link below to download Adobe Reader.

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