Announcing the Development of

RuralConnect Gen3

Fundraising Round for the Completion of Product Development

We are excited to announce that we have begun development on the third generation of our RuralConnect TV White Space radio, with an expected launch date of Q4 2016.

Using spectrum in vacant UHF TV frequencies (referred to as TV White Space), the RuralConnect signal can travel long distances around hills and through foliage to provide extended broadband connectivity to non-line-of-sight locations where traditional technology can’t reach. The signal can can cover 100x the area of typical Wi-Fi technology without diminishing in strength due to environmental barriers such as walls and trees.

The Third generation RuralConnect radio will be capable of:

  • Connecting up to 200 clients,
  • Covering an area up to 20 kilometers in diameter from the base station,
  • Enabling an affordable community hotspot utilizing minimal infrastructure,
  • Achieving speeds up to 48 Mbps.

This technology is applicable for Municipal Community Hotspots, Wireless Internet Service Providers, Public Safety, Connected Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, and more.


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The equity fundraising will enable completion of both the software and hardware for the new product, as well as provide working capital for the first Generation 3 production run, with an expected release to market before the end of 2015.

Carlson Wireless currently has a presence on the equity crowdfunding platforms AngelList and Crowdfunder


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