Carlson offers many classes of accessory products to customize
your system for optimum service and performance.


We have designed a range of specialized UHF antennas for optimum non-line-of-sight (NLOS) connectivity with TV White Space technology. These innovative styles include our omnidirectional, sector, yagi, and log-periodic antennas. For our LongHaul and Trailblazer products, we offer an integrated antenna option.

RuralConnect Base Station Antennas

High-Gain Omnidirectional UHF Antenna

High-Gain Omnidirectional UHF Antenna



Sector Antenna


RuralConnect Client Antennas

 Log Periodic Directional UHF Antenna

 Log Periodic Directional UHF Antenna


Integrated Solar Power System

Integrated Solar Power System

Carlson Wireless is an industry leader in solar-powered wireless communications. Our solar power systems are complete, integrated power supplies designed for loads requiring reliable 12 VDC (24 VDC also available). This system comes with high performance multi-crystaline cells, which yield high energy in a wide variety of climates. It was designed for harsh environements with a temperature rating of -40 F to 140 F.


Save Time, Money and Resources

This system contains the components necessary for safe and reliable power generation without the expense of installing a utility hook-up.


Plug-and-Play Installation

Carlson’s systems are shipped pre-wired and pre-assembled, so installation is as simple as mounting and connecting two wires. Its anodized aluminum frame and side-of-pole mount design provides for easy mounting. Complete system includes everything for plug-and-play operation.


The solar power system is compatible with all LongHaul, Trailblazer and RuralConnect radios.




Ethernet cabling and RF cable assemblies for both indoor and outdoor use are available in a full range of lengths. Signal splitters are also available.

Lightning Protection Accessories

Lightning Protection

We strongly recommend protecting your investment with surge and lightning protection. We offer surge suppressors and protectors for lightning, RF, phone lines and outdoor PoE.

Spare Parts and Accessories

Spare Parts

Spare parts are recommended for system redundancy to minimize future downtime. We offer replacement and upgrade parts for your equipment, including software, SLICs, channel banks, line interface cards and more.

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