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  • 15+ years: Established carrier-grade reputation for radio quality and reliability
  • Diverse worldwide sales: Selling radios in 54 countries
  • Top-tier customers: More than 100 Fortune 500 companies, carriers & municipalities
  • Broad customer reach: Government, Industry, Utility, Wireless ISP, Public Safety, Transportation and Community development.

Who We Are

Carlson Wireless Technologies (aka Carlson Wireless or just Carlson for short) was founded in 1999 by Jim Carlson, a 25-year industry veteran with a passion for rural connectivity solutions. Our rural office roots allow for a deep understanding of the needs of rural customers and resellers internationally. Our systems are known for ingenuity, reliability, low power consumption, proprietary network security and fixed low latency. Our business is known for solid customer relationships and world-class customer service.

What We Do

We design and manufacture fixed-wireless products for terrain based communications. Specializing in hard-to-reach regions and remote operations, Carlson Wireless offers a range of microwave and UHF radio products for high-capacity data and voice delivery systems, including the TrailBlazer and LongHaul™. Carlson Wireless has also developed the FCC-certified RuralConnect®, which uses UHF TV channels to provide broadband data to remote areas. This spectrum provides deep coverage for long-distant, non-line-of-sight (NLOS), Internet connectivity to under-served communities over hills and through foliage. Recently, the company has been exploring the application of this technology for use in the exciting emerging market for the Internet of Things.

Where We Do Business

Our equipment is in use on every continent in the world, in 54 countries from north of the Arctic Circle to the deep jungles of Africa, and we are constantly looking towards expanding into new markets world-wide.

Who We Serve

Working through authorized resellers and direct sales, Carlson has historically served customers world-wide in the following industries: Telecommunication, Government, Industrial (Oil & Gas), Utility (Energy & Power), Wireless ISP, Public Safety, Transportation and Community development.

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Our mission is to design, manufacture & sell innovative wireless products that can provide connectivity to under-served populations worldwide, improve efficiency in municipal / industrial / utility / public safety and wireless ISP markets, and connect smart devices and cities in ways never before thought possible.


Our vision is to fuel a movement towards a connected world for all people and things, through next generation wireless communication systems that have the capacity to transform how people live and work around the world.


We at Carlson believe that the world has evolved to the point that access to connectivity and digital information is now a fundamental human right. Our core value is bringing this connectivity to the farthest reaches of the world by employing talented people, forming solid customer relationships, and designing creative solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

A Decade of Wireless Innovation

Jim Carlson Engineer

Hands-on CEO: Jim Carlson takes a break from his executive duties to create a prototype for a new product mount.

CEO, president, and chief engineer Jim Carlson has worked for the past 25 years to realize a vision of fixed-wireless telecommunications systems for rural and remote users across the globe.

Now, with our current line of products, including the RuralConnect TV white space radio, this vision is becoming a reality—bringing vast improvements to the economy, safety and health of last-mile locations.

More than twenty million people in over 160 communities rely on Carlson Wireless radios for their communications needs.

Company History

In 1998, Jim Carlson collaborated with Harris Semiconductor engineers to produce the Trailblazer® family of products, a line which evolved from basic, low-cost telephone services to high-capacity, data-centric products, providing customers with an easy transition from analog to digital technology.

With this technology in hand, Carlson Wireless Technologies was formed March, 1999. The Trailblazer Phone Extender and Leased Line Emulator have seen consistent sales ever since.

Over the next several years, the wireless communication industry began developing products to accommodate the emerging WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) standard.

Realizing rural areas needed a more affordable option, in 2009 Carlson unveiled the LongHaul product line – an affordable hybrid technology offering the advantages of WiMAX without expensive base stations. Today, providing broadband access for last-mile and environmentally complex locations continues to be the primary focus of Carlson Wireless.

As the technology has evolved and grown into new markets, so has the company. Carlson’s new RuralConnect product line pioneers the use of TV white space (unused TV channels) to create a “Super Wi-Fi” signal capable of range and penetration far superior to basic Wi-Fi.



Best Electronic Design

2011 Best Electronic Design – Wireless Category – Electronic Design Magazine

Utilities Telecom 2011

2011 Best Wireless Equipment – 2nd place – Utilities Telecom Council

European Electronics Industry Award

2012 Reader’s Choice Elektra Award – Finalist – European Electronics Industry Award, Electronics Weekly Magazine

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