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Energy and Power Solutions

Carlson has a long-standing relationship with energy providers, who regularly give us feedback about what they need in wireless communications equipment.


Rural Smart Grid

Miles of rural and rugged territory to cover? Rural smart grid applications will benefit from the RuralConnect, Carlson's new TV white-space radio, which works without line of sight to offer the capacity and reliability that utility smart grids require.

TV white space offers an abundance of unlicensed spectrum whose signal can penetrate almost any obstacle, from trees to walls.

This new technology, which uses available TV spectrum for broadband, could dramatically change the future of critical infrastructure industries (CIIs) such as utilities, power generation, pipeline, water and gas industries.

These industries need the support of advanced communications technologies that enable automation, control and data acquisition:

  • Managing the supply and demand of electricity
  • Accessing critical data remotely
  • Monitoring substation, remote equipment and water reservoirs

Using TV white space spectrum, SCADA applications can be vastly improved, upgrades deployed very economically and IP-based technologies implemented throughout operations.

TV white space is ideal for smart grid as it will support many devices such as digital electricity meters for homes and business, as well as home-energy management systems.

For more information, see Carlson's presentation at UTC Telecom 2011, "TV White Spaces: Are There Opportunities for Utilities?"

Substation Isolation

One of our most popular solutions is providing substation isolation and control using Trailblazer Hybrid systems. 

Smart-grid ready and IEC 61850 compliant, Trailblazer Hybrid is cost-effective wireless equipment for:

  • IP
  • T1
  • 4-wire (E&M)
  • POTS (plain old telephone service) lines

Supporting both synchronous (TDM) and asynchronous (IP) platforms, Trailblazer Hybrid is available in a variety of licensed and unlicensed frequency bands from 700 MHz to 5x GHz. With its ultra-low latency (<5 ms), Trailblazer Hybrid offers the reliability and redundancy that utility companies need.

Distributed Generation

If data needs are greater, additional LongHaul Ethernet bridges can be added to meet project needs. Other solutions include distributed generation and smart grid using our LongHaul Ethernet bridges.



Wireless Solutions for:

  • Smart Grid

  • Distributed Energy

  • Transfer Trip Control

  • Substation Isolation

  • SCADA Telemetry

  • Video



AN Wireless' tower with a Trailblazer system


Trailblazer system overlooks a village in Africa

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