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Broadband Solutions

Carlson has a long established reputation for connecting people to the very last mile.

Beyond the Last Telephone Pole

The popular Trailblazer Phone Line Extender and Trailblazer Leased Line Emulator help bring voice and broadband far past the last telephone pole.

Ethernet Bridges and Backhaul

LongHaul Ethernet bridges provide an economical way to complete PBX, PABX or VoPX wireless extensions. Choose LongHaul TDM when you have a long hop, or Longhaul ST when you need a high-speed connection.

Failed Installs? TV White Space is the Solution

We had wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) in mind when we developed our brand new TV white space radio, RuralConnect, a fast, affordable broadband radio that does what none before it could do--get the signal over hills and through foliage and other obstacles to reach customers to the last mile.

TV white space is UHF signal that is not occupied by TV stations, and now that broadcasters transmit digitally, the UHF range contains many megahertz of white space. Rural areas often have a dozen or more 6-MHz channels available to use for broadband. To learn more about this breakthrough technology, visit our TV white space page.

Private Networks

Carlson products can also help establish secure private networks and corporate tie lines. We also have equipment to aid in wireline retrofit projects (the overlay of exhausted wire line systems).

Whatever your location, a remote home, tourist getaway, call center or environmentally sensitive lands, chances are Carlson has a solution to meet your project needs.

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Rural Broadband with Carlson


Residents of this thickly wooded region of Western Michigan can now enjoy high-speed Internet connectivity, thanks to the ingenuity of its local residents and Carlson's new RuralConnect®. (Image courtesy of Vergennes Broadband)


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