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Trailblazer ® Family

Professional, Dependable Wireless Fractional T1/E1 Solutions

Carlson’s most popular radio, the Trailblazer is a reliable, professional, and affordable solution to your connectivity problems.

Replace a Costly, Unreliable Leased Line

Break free of monthly leasing fees with the fastest return on investment available. With the Trailblazer for Leased Line Replacement, you can own your own network and enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with mission-critical reliability.

Extend Phone Lines with our Last-Mile Solutions

Reach your more rural service areas with the Trailblazer Phoneline Extender, a proven middle-mile and last-mile POTS and Ethernet backhaul radio.

Lengthen the Reach of E&M, POTS, and Ethernet Networks

Extend voice and Ethernet capability wirelessly with the Trailblazer Hybrid and avoid the expense of right-of-way or laying physical wire. Our TrueTDM technology provides a wireline-quality connection when you need it most.

Bring Connectivity to Multiple Sites Economically

Avoid the hassle and expense of establishing multiple independent POTS or 4-wire links with the Traiblazer Star. Available in both Leased Line and Phoneline Extender configurations, the Star is a bulletproof solution perfect for industrial communications such as oil and gas rig sites.

Connect Industrial and Mining Phones Wirelessly

The Trailblazer MineConnect is a rugged, high-performance microwave radio that eliminates the need for wirelines in challenging aboveground and underground industrial applications. The MineConnect offers a reliable and affordable way to install and relocate phones in rough terrain and harsh environments.

Restore Communications Quickly When Disaster Strikes

When a major catastrophe or natural disaster knocks out your lines of communication, you don’t have time for complicated replacements—you need something that works, quickly and dependably. Prepare for the worst with the Trailblazer 4x4 Rapid Deployment Kit for POTS, E&M, and Ethernet. This turnkey, fully-integrated wireless communication system comes packed in two rugged Pelican cases for rapid deployment.

Learn More about the Trailblazer® Family

Contact us to speak to one of our sales engineers, who can help you determine which Trailblazer is the right solution for your connectivity needs.

Custom Connectivity Solutions

Not sure the Trailblazer is what you need? We specialize in designing custom solutions for our customers, and responding to the ever-changing world of wireless connectivity. We can help create a microwave or UHF system that will suit your network and location.


Trailblazer® Family Products 

Trailblazer Simulcast Solution

Thanks to its ultra-low, fixed latency, Trailblazer is a favorite among public safety agencies for simulcast, using the same channel to cover a wide geographic area.

Read our Simulcast Case Study (PDF file) for details.

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All Trailblazer models offer an unmatched set of features:

Fully Integrated for Plug-and-Play Simplicity

All components, including radio, channel bank (MUX), power supply and CPU, are fully integrated into a rackmount or single small 3kg / 8 lb outdoor enclosure. No extra equipment or components needed for operation. This integrated channel bank makes for quick installation with POTS and RJ-45 interfaces.

Self-Tuning for Low Maintenance

Self-tuning system simplifies installation and greatly reduces the need for maintenance and service.

Rugged & Weatherproof

Housed in a NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure, the Trailblazer is built to last in tough climates and readily redeploys, making it ideal for temporary or emergency use.

Both Licensed and Unlicensed

Uses license-exempt 2.4 GHz and 5.x GHz or the licensed 4.9 GHz frequency which is used for public safety purposes in several countries.

Private and Secure

Trailblazer uses a proprietary CDMA spread-spectrum technique for additional over-the-air security.

Low Power and Solar Powerable

Trailblazer systems draw low power and accept any DC Voltage from 12V to 24V. Solar power kits available with up to seven days of backup power.


A Lifetime of Support

At Carlson, we stand behind our products, offering a lifetime of technical support.

In addition to our one-year limited warranty, we also offer affordable extended warranties, including two-yearthree-year and five-year warranties.

Ask your Carlson sales engineer for details.

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