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LongHaul™ TDM: Distance and Low Latency

The LongHaul TDM series is the first member of Carlson’s LongHaul family of wireless Ethernet bridges. Featuring Carlson’s exclusive TrueTDM™ technology, the LongHaul TDM is unmistakably the best in its class in terms of distance and ultra-low, fixed latency.

Unbeatable Range and Low Latency

The LongHaul TDM is a software-based TDM radio—not an IP radio. While other companies claim that their IP radios can go the distance, only the LongHaul TDM uses Carlson’s proprietary TrueTDM™ protocol. Time-division multiplexing (TDM) technology enables the LongHaul TDM to achieve distances far beyond that of traditional IP radios with unprecedented reliability.

80 Mile Range in Field Test

During a field test in the LongHaul TDM’s development phase, a successful connection was achieved with standard equipment at a distance of 80 miles. These capabilities—super-long range and ultra-low fixed latency—make the TDM series an ideal component of any microwave backhaul network, whether it is for public safety, municipal government or private business use.

Ruggedly Built to Withstand the Elements

The TDM series is available in both an indoor rack-mount version and a heavy-duty outdoor enclosure. A built-in cooling system provides the reliability you expect from a professional wireless system.

Competitively Priced

With LongHaul TDM, you get high-quality and superior performance at an affordable price—about a third of the price of the leading competitor. Contact a Carlson sales engineer today to get a quote.

Ideal for Public Safety

Along with providing ultra-low latency and a far-reaching signal, LongHaul TDM is completely transparent and will work with any voter/comparator system. A unique plug-and-play interface is included with the equipment, making LongHaul TDM a perfect choice for backhauling mobile radio communications, T1s, multiple leased lines and more.

Learn More about the LongHaul™ TDM

Contact us to speak to one of our sales engineers who can help you determine if the LongHaul TDM is the right solution for your connectivity needs.

Custom Connectivity Solutions

Not sure the TDM is what you need? We specialize in designing custom solutions for our customers, and responding to the ever-changing world of wireless broadband connectivity. We can help create a microwave or UHF system that will suit your network and location.


LongHaul TDM with T1/E1 Interface Option

A Lifetime of Support

At Carlson, we stand behind our products, offering a lifetime of technical support.

In addition to our one-year limited warranty, we also offer affordable extended warranties, including two-yearthree-year and five-year warranties.

Ask your Carlson sales engineer for details.

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