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LongHaul™ ST: Power, Speed, and Affordability

LH-ST-MontageBest-in-Class Throughput, Latency and Network-Monitoring Capabilities

The LongHaul ST series is the newest addition to Carlson's LongHaul family of wireless microwave connectivity solutions. Designed in response to the ever-changing needs of the municipal government and broadband industries, the ST features higher throughput and greater networking capabilities than its predecessors.

Combined with the available 270 Mbps over-the-air (OTA) rate, the ST's integrated four-port gigabit Ethernet switch allows the device to achieve data throughputs in excess of 100 Mbps.

If high throughput and low latency aren't enough for your application, LongHaul ST also incorporates the tools needed to fine-tune network settings, manage bandwidth allocation and prioritize different network tasks—all from within the included graphic user interface (GUI).

LongHaul ST is especially efficient in forming a "daisy-chain" network, extending its own 20-mile range five, six or even a dozen times. In an independent field test, LongHaul ST experienced no signal degradation in a daisy-chain network with five links.

Multiple Configurations Available

Whatever your network looks like—whether it is a simple point-to-point link or a complex multipoint or daisy-chain configuration—the ST can deliver the IP data you require.

The ST is available in both an indoor rack-mount version and a sturdy outdoor enclosure, making it an ideal solution for multiple industries and applications. 

Great for Enterprise Networking

It is often a challenge for businesses, universities and government campuses to connect multiple buildings on the same computer or PBX network without laying wire or fiber. Using the LongHaul ST, buildings that are miles apart can be connected wirelessly on the same digital network, extending PBX systems and systems networks.

Surveillance and Municipal Applications

The ST’s low latency, high throughput and multiple security and encryption options make it an attractive choice for surveillance networks and municipal governments.

Capable of transmitting high-quality video at extremely fast speeds, the LongHaul ST makes it easier than ever to monitor security or traffic cameras from a remote location.

It’s even possible to combine the abilities of an ST with a LongHaul TDM radio to transmit the camera data up to another 60+ miles.

LongHaul™ ST for Traffic Monitoring: Three Times Faster than Competitors in Daisy-Chain Network

"In a daisy-chain scenario, each link needs to be extremely fast and the delay extremely short. When Carlson Wireless told me what the LongHaul ST could do, well, it looked too good to be true. So I decided to test it myself, both at my own office and in the field in as stringent an environment as I could engineer. The results were exciting. The LongHaul ST performed exactly as they said it would. It had three times the performance in test conditions compared with three competing companies. I'm impressed that Carlson Wireless is able to control every aspect of the product."

-Jake Smith, Cactus Computing

Custom Connectivity Solutions

Not sure the LongHaul ST is what you need? We specialize in designing custom solutions for our customers and responding to the ever-changing world of wireless broadband connectivity. We can help create a microwave or UHF system that will suit your network and location.


Kudos for LongHaul ST

LongHaul ST Voted Hot Product of 2011 by Public Safety Communications Magazine


LongHaul ST Earns Best-in-Class in "BackHaul Bakeoff" Competition

pdf The Results

Read About the LongHaul ST in Action

LongHaul ST Helps Manage Traffic at the Super Bowl XLV

During the harsh winter storms of January 2011, LongHaul ST helped manage traffic conditions at the Super Bowl XLV.

900 MHz for Near-Line-of-Sight

Line of sight not perfect at your location? No problem. LongHaul ST can utilize the 900 MHz band to get around LOS imperfections.

Learn More about LongHaul ST

Contact us to speak to one of our sales engineers, who can help you determine if LongHaul ST is the right solution for your connectivity needs. Brochures and Spec Sheets

Also Available in the LongHaul Family

LongHaul TDM Series

A Lifetime of Support

At Carlson, we stand behind our products, offering a lifetime of technical support.

In addition to our one-year limited warranty, we also offer affordable extended warranties, including two-yearthree-year and five-year warranties.

Ask your Carlson sales engineer for details.

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