No Line of Sight Required With New TV White Space Broadband Technology

May 10, 2012 - Arcata, CA - TV White Space is making big news. It is an untapped resource that offers abundant amounts of unlicensed spectrum whose signal can penetrate almost any obstacle, from trees to walls, which is especially important in rural areas. Due to its outstanding propagation characteristics, line of sight is not needed, and utilities can count on superior coverage.

Carlson is one of the first to introduce a multi-point radio that operates in the TV white space. Carlson's RuralConnect is designed to bring high-speed wireless broadband to rural communities that desperately need it. Thus, the UTC awarded Carlson second place for Best New Product for Utilities in 2011.

This technology could dramatically affect the future of critical infrastructure industries (CII) such as utilities, power generation, petroleum, pipeline, water and gas industries.

These industries need the support of advanced communications technologies that enable automation, control and data acquisition. For example, managing the supply and demand of electricity, accessing critical data remotely, and monitoring remote equipment, water reservoirs and substations.

Using the unlicensed broadband spectrum of TV white space, SCADA applications can be vastly improved and upgrades deployed very economically. RuralConnect has the capacity and reliability that utility smart grid networks require. It can also help interstate pipelines implement IP-based technologies throughout their operations.

The fact that many of these CII entities cover miles of rural and rugged territory is all the more reason why Carlson's TV White Space Radio, the RuralConnect, could be a key component in deploying all these advanced systems. It gives users the "Super Wi-Fi" advantage for broadband connectivity, particularly in non-line-of-sight areas.

TV White Space is the ideal spectrum for rural smart grid as it will support many devices such as digital electricity meters for homes and businesses, and home energy management systems. Utilities could automate meter reading and send outage notifications more efficiently. Better still, it will help support the movement toward a more sustainable energy path.

CEO Jim Carlson has been developing his groundbreaking RuralConnect product for two years and was integral in encouraging the FCC to approve the use of the unlicensed TV White Space spectrum.

Carlson, who is becoming widely known as an expert in the field of TV white space, has been a featured speaker at many important conferences, including the upcoming UTC Telecom 2012, where he will participate in the panel discussion about TV White Spaces.

"Critical Infrastructure industries need reliable wireless technology and plenty of spectrum," noted Carlson. "TV white space is abundant spectrum, especially in rural areas."

Carlson is committed to supporting the utilities, oil-gas-petro and water/wastewater sectors by delivering an alternative communications solution with the highest propagation potential, faster broadband speeds, while at a more affordable price point than anything else available.

About Carlson

For more than a decade, Carlson has led the way in engineering high-speed wireless communications solutions for a broad spectrum of applications using RF technology to deliver full voice and data connections no matter how rugged the terrain. Today, Carlson is considered a pioneer of the revolutionary new "Super Wi-Fi" TV white space broadband technology. More than 20 million customers in nearly 200 communities worldwide rely on Carlson radios for their public safety communications and broadband needs. Carlson serves customers in the telecommunications, public safety, military, and energy industries.



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