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Activism in the Future of White Space
Monday, 03 December 2012 09:49


Map image showing available channels in the U.S. according the 2010 census data, courtesy of Google.

Want to help design the future of TV white-space technology and spectrum policy in the United States? Google's Policy by Numbers blog has a new post called “Modeling a Market for White Space” that takes a look at white space and its value to the spectrum-sharing model that we’ll be seeing more of in the future.

Specifically, the post explores device-transmit power as it relates to population density and questions whether a one-size-fits-all power limitation makes sense in terms of the wide variety of geographic areas where the technology will be deployed.

The authors, a grad student and a professor, both from UC Berkeley, propose a solution: when the device checks in with the database, it also assigned a custom transmit power.

Carlson is very interested in this question as well, since variable transmit power lays the foundation for wider deployment of the technology not only in rural areas but also in urban regions.

Using white space--not just available TV channels but all unused spectrum--has the potential to address the spectrum crunch and allow for greater developments in communications technology in the future.

The Google blog post also links to the authors' academic paper, “Seeing the Bigger Picture: Context-Aware Regulations.” The award-winning paper uses a market analogy to discuss spectrum sharing and power allocations. Equating transmit power to dollars and allowing free trade to commence, what would happen next in a free-market economy?

Policy by Numbers leaves room for readers to weigh in on issues surrounding policy development, both in the US and globally. What are your thoughts? How would you design the future roadmap for this exciting new technology?


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