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Super Wi-Fi Meets the Challenge
Friday, 05 October 2012 08:57

Question from audience ken

Carlson appreciates the opportunity to answer conference attendees' questions
at the ITEXPO's Super Wi-Fi Summit

The Carlson team is in Austin right now at the ITEXPO spreading the word about the latest developments in TV white space technology. The last three days at the conference have been a whirlwind of demonstrations, presentations, and the most important part--Q&A.

We appreciate the chance to meet face-to-face with the people who plan to deploy this exciting new technology into their communities and to serve end users who have never been able to get broadband before.

What we love about it are the stories, stories about challenges this technology will overcome. Environmental challenges like low teledensity, heavy foliage, hills and other obstacles. Human challenges like lack of access to educational, vocational and quality-of-life opportunities.

We definitely understand challenges.

Overcoming them is an integral part of pioneering a new technology. Along the road to developing our RuralConnect TV white-space radio, we've run into a number of challenges, and met each one with the can-do attitude that has characterized our work for more than a decade.

Case in point: our revolutionary omnidirectional UHF base station antenna. We shopped around for an antenna that could do what we needed it to do, at the size and quality our customers demand and at a price they can afford. Nothing existed on the market, so our team set about designing, testing and manufacturing the antenna ourselves.

Jim showing antenna

CEO Jim Carlson shows the new Carlson TV white-space omni antenna to an interested ITEXPO attendee

The omni is there at ITEXPO right now, at the Demo Pavilion, along with our RuralConnect radio and our database partner Telcordia. The Carlson team is busily demonstrating TV white space technology to crowds of people, answering questions and offering hands-on demonstrations.

If you're there, stop by. If you miss it, give us a call at 800-834-2076. We want to hear about your project.


Lots of customers Jim Kiely

Conference attendees gather to find out more about RuralConnect and TV white-space technology

Jim Luke panel

Panelist Jim Carlson explains his views on the TV white space market.


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