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Groundbreaking TV White Space Demo
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 15:20

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Carlson is heading to the nation's capitol this week to demonstrate the RuralConnect Generation II with two different spectrum database managers.

Top FCC-appointed database providers, Spectrum Bridge and Telcordia, will be joining Carlson Thursday, Dec. 1 for a live demonstration of how TV white-space broadband equipment interacts with spectrum management databases.

This groundbreaking demo will take place in Washington, DC at the Wireless Innovation Forum's SDR '11, an event for the software-defined radio industry.

Carlson is honored to be a part an event that  "connects technical, business and regulatory leaders and defines the future of radio communications." Jim Carlson also will be a panelist at the workshop, "The Future of White Space Communications."

TV white space is a new technology that uses vacant TV channels for broadband. Available channels are different in each geographic region, so TV white space broadband equipment must interact dynamically with geolocation databases that track available channels.

Spectrum Bridge and Telcordia are among the 10 database providers that the FCC appointed to manage spectrum in the United States.

TV white-space technology is great news for rural communities that have been struggling to get broadband access because of rough terrain or sparse population.

Unlike other fixed wireless technologies, TV white space does not require line of sight between equipment, making it the ideal solution for wooded or rugged terrain. And because it does not require extensive infrastructure, it is inexpensive to deploy even in sparsely populated regions.

Carlson's new radio, the RuralConnect, is set to debut in late January and may be deployed under FCC-approved experimental license.

Interested in deploying this technology in your community? Let Carlson help you through the application process for an experimental license. Send us an email or give us a call at +1(707) 822-7000.


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